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Choosing us is not only based on the professional stuff, we make sure that you have a trip of a lifetime, by fulfilling our objectives which are mainly good customer care as well as providing the best superb trip ever to our clients!

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Why book with Go Tanzania safari ?

  • Go Tanzania safari Limited is committed at giving clients exceptional services as well as safari satisfaction.
  • We are have professional staff who have worked in the field for nearly 40 years of experience. These are passionate and experienced with nature and all our tour itineraries are based on the right time as well as place to ensure that our clients get the best on any of their safari adventure. The guides are knowledgeable with all the attractions in the country and makes it easier to be visited on each safari experience.
  • We offer trip assistance to our clients

Preparing for a trip all over the world is not an easy thing, this is when we advise our clients to trust us since we offer the best safari assistance to our clients. We provide important information on what to do, and what not to do on any safari in East Africa. This also means that we will work with you to the last bit of the safari. This will make the process as carefree and smooth as possible for you to completely enjoy your trip. We also do provide assistance with organising international airfare, travel insurance, Visas to any east African country and many more.

  • Our company never settles for less than a perfect safari

With the high expertise behold by our company stuff, we don’t stop you get the best out of your chosen safari. We also advise our clients to always get the best out of the safaris they chose since a great trip depends on you and your personal preferences and interests. With us, you have got the freedom and power to choose where you want to go, what to do and we also don’t charge extra to do it for you. It’s always our pleasure to give you the best on your safari!

  • We create a safari dream for you and fulfil it too

We are ground tour operators in Tanzania and we also work closely with our tour partners all over East Africa. You (client) work directly with us to be able to develop your dream holiday vacation. This will help you get a great adventure as well as value for your money!

  • We provide a unique safari experience to our clients

Tanzania as a country has got many national parks and each visit to any of these is unique. These parks can be great at different times of the year and that’s when we come in to give you the hints of when to visit and not to visit specific national parks of Tanzania. This is because you can visit and struggle to locate some good wildlife animals and fail.

  • We provide what we promise

There are many tour companies that keep on taking corners, by this they reduce the amount of food on a safari, decreasing on the wages of the deserving crew, they also limit the number of game drives to be carried out to save gas. This means that the quality of the safari is reduced and the clients won’t be getting the best out of it. At Go Tanzania Safari, we detest such practices, this is because vacation holidays are not cheap and you need to get value for you money. More so, we will never compromise the quality of your trip over little extra bucks. We promise to provide you with the best service that deserves the value for your money.

  • Being knowledgeable about Tanzania

Our company stuff know Tanzania and we also specialise in East Africa as a whole! We also know the exact location of national parks in Tanzania, with big chances of viewing wildlife and other view points for the sights of a long lifetime. We make sure that we develop detailed itinerary packages for your satisfaction. In addition, we well know the people of Tanzania, language as well as the culture. We also have deep connection with the land as well as the people, and this gives hope to the clients that they will enjoy their safaris in the country.

  • Dedication & Time

Go Tanzania safaris aims at giving all our guests enough time possible as well as dedication to achieve our goals in providing service. The dedication is provided before, during and after the whole journey. This helps us develop a relationship with our clients who visit the country. This also means that you get to benefit from an individualised unique experience while on the safari.

  • Fun from the beginning to the end

It’s also known that life is too short to waste. This means that we shall not allow waste any minute on your safari minus enjoy yourself. This will be good if you plan doing your safari in Tanzania. The experience will start right away when you start planning your safari up to the end. We love it when you help us develop your itinerary as well as exploring all the exiting possibilities and the unique places that you will visit. It’s also said that it’s always about the journey and not the destination.

  • Being truth worthy

It’s known that trusting some body to take you across the world as well as guiding you is not easy and it takes some work. We always understand that we must buy your trust before you make your final decision. All our stuff are trust worthy and always doing their best to maintain that trust with the clients.

  • We provide attention to detail

Planning a safari requires good experience and how to make sure that you are in the right place. Providing the details of the whole safari to the client is so important and it buys trust from them. We provide attention, let it be by calling or by email. This is because, we operate 24/7.

  • Less buck and more bang

We are also sure of what is included in the whole safari, this includes the personalised service, the comprehensive trip planning as well as the unique experience that is offered. This also means that we do provide the best and highest value of safaris in Tanzania no matter what your budget is, we give you the best experience that is unforgettable!

  • Celebrating while safaring

We always come in to help and celebrate with our clients whenever need arises. There are some circumstances when clients luggage arrives late; this is so uncomfortable but we make sure that you get your luggage in time. In case it’s your birthday, we provide a cake for the celebrations for our clients. These small things that we do for our clients always make the trip so enjoyable and memorable. It might be considered as an extra by other operators, but it’s considered to be standard to us.

  • We also offer meet and greet services

In case you visiting our country as a guest, there is no way we shall leave you to travel alone, let it be a mere transfer from the airport to the booked hotel. We shall always be there at the airport to offer you transfer to any identified place since it’s a foreign country and you might not be used to the routes. Even after the safari, we provide you free airport transfer to catch your flight back home.