Tanzania Safaris Tours with Prices

Tanzania Safari Packages with Prices 2019

We have a variety of sample Tanzania safari tours & Packages in this list which you can pick and request for free customization and free advice on how to make any of them better in order to suit your needs and ideas as well as your pocket. Join us on your Tanzania Safari tour and visit the best wildlife parks in Tanzania including Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha, and the world most famous park; Serengeti National Park.

Types of Tanzania Safari Tours with Go Tanzania Safari

Tanzania safari tours come in different styles when it comes to accommodation styles. You can take our Tanzania safari while staying at basic campsites, sleeping in basic dome shaped tents in what we call our Tanzania safari camping tours or you may choose to do one on of ‘lodge safaris’. Tanzania lodge safaris also are categorized differently because the lodges come in different categories and you can choose yours depending on your preference and budget. You can do Tanzania safari while staying at budget lodges and tented camps, mid-range lodges and tented camps, upper midrange (Semi-luxury) lodging safaris, Standard luxury lodging safari or if you have the ability to afford, you can do Deluxe lodging safari or Tanzania safari staying in the Top Market / High end lodging safari in Tanzania. What you should however note is that all categories has a mixture of lodges and tented camps available and you can choose to stay at all lodges, a mixture of tented camps and brick lodges or stay at all brick lodges if that is what you wish for.

Customizable Tanzania Safari Tours at best prices

Please note that all the sample safari tours we have listed can be customized in anyway in order to suit your needs and ideas. There is no obligation that you should do the tour just as published. We can add or reduce the number days, places visited or change the accommodations i.e lodges and tented camps included in the published programs in order to come up with your best Tanzania Safari tours.